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Misty Blue became our first Sheltie in February of 1996. She was not purchased from a breeder and as a result has had some health problems. Two weeks after we purchased her on Valentine's Day, Misty Blue broke her right rear leg after she fell off of the sofa. She healed quickly but we remember hearing clicking noises when she walked as a puppy. The following Valentine's Day she was startled by our kitty and ran off the bed and forgot to jump and landed wrong. Her patella


would not stay in place and we had to have it surgically repaired. In December of 1999, we had to have her other patella repaired due to hereditary problems. She recovered from both surgeries beautifully but we learned the importance of purchasing a Sheltie from a reputable breeder.

Misty Blue was extremely skittish when we purchased her and thus we had to pull her from training classes due to her nervousness; however, since Shilo became a part of our family Misty Blue has come out of her shell and become a totally different Sheltie.

Misty Blue does not compete in obedience but does go along with us to the shows. She enjoys just being with us as we feel the same way. She has been a bundle of joy in our lives and we are thankful that we have her and have been able to care for her needs.

Misty Blue is now waiting at Rainbow Bridge

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